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Kevin Nielsen
December 28, 2020

Request for Feedback - Boardroom Alpha

Thank you for signing up to provide feedback on the Boardroom Alpha Release! As we mentioned in our launch announcement last week, we’re hoping that the feedback and contributions we collect from the very same stakeholders that are entrenched in the day to day of DeFi projects will increase the usefulness of this product exponentially.

With that said, you can browse the alpha at dgov.io 🚀

We will be collecting all feedback on the Boardroom Discord #Feedback channel https://discord.com/invite/2ZqP3qB:

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What is Boardroom?

Boardroom is an integrated governance and communications management portal providing an easy and flexible solution for stakeholders to exchange a wealth of governance information, insight, and participation tools.

The goal of the portal is to enable token holders, issuers, and protocol politicians (delegates) to understand the governance processes they hold influence in and allow them to frictionlessly participate across different protocols.

Portal Features and Roadmap

Check out our Announcement Post for More Info!

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