From policy ideation to execution, Boardroom helps communities and digital organizations make informed decisions


Built on Ceramic, the Ideation features provides an elegant solution to prioritize discussions and ideas in a decentralized, censorship-resistant way.

Stored in a public, permissionless network
Vote weighted and ranked sorting
Topic filtering and categorization


Voting tools that leverage existing governance and composable frameworks allow teams to customize processes based on their goals

A standard interface across frameworks
Proposal comments to contextualize decisions
Votes can be cast with any connected wallet


Powered by Multisafe, the treasury tab encourages transparency by displaying real-time balance, flows, and transaction information

Directly integrates with any Gnosis Safe
Transaction recipient and approval details
Team and contributor categorization

Build on Boardroom

The Boardroom platform makes it easy for developers to integrate governance experiences into client applications by leveraging community authored protocol integrations

Governance SDK

The Governance SDK is a portable, protocol agnostic governance interoperability framework making it easier for developers to query and interact with protocol governance in a normalized way.

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Boardroom API

The Boardroom API is a centralized HTTP API that uses the open-source Governance SDK to continually index and aggregate governance data across all integrated protocols at scale.

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Need help or have unanswered questions about the Boardroom Portal features or the Governance SDK? We're available 24/7 - don't hesitate to reach out!