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Answering common questions about Boardroom

What is Boardroom?

Boardroom is a protocol agnostic governance and management platform built to improve distributed decisionmaking across crypto networks. We believe these networks will uproot traditional management and ownership structures. They have already demonstrated a powerful new economic model for building software applications, wherein users build and operate products and services they use every day. In exchange for their contributions, many of these platforms reward users with a direct ownership stake which aligns their success with that of the platform.

With this ownership comes a responsibility to steward governance, communication, and engagement to ensure a powerful alignment between diverse owners.

Boardroom’s mission is to enable stakeholder-owned platforms to scale while upholding the interests of all their constituencies.

What frameworks does Boardroom support?

Boardroom currently supports:

  • Snapshot: Developed by the Balancer Labs team, Snapshot is an off-chain and gasless multi-governance client providing easily verifiable results with low friction
  • Compound Governance Module (Alpha): Developed by the Compound team, these governance contracts allow communities to propose, vote, and implement changes on Ethereum mainnet

How do I add my project to the portal?

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