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Boardroom is home to hundreds of DAOs, a management platform helping their members frictionlessly participate in their governance

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What Are DAOs?

DAOs are digital, global, and distributed organizations that enable like-minded individuals to achieve common goals through shared funding

Why Are They Important?

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Open Source

A DAOs rulebook, activity, and balance sheet exists on a public blockchain which is transparent at all times, down to every single transaction.


DAOs can scale significantly quicker than companies given they typically are more globally accessible and have lower barriers to entry.


DAOs are more transparent than traditional companies since all actions and funding in the DAO are viewable by anyone. This significantly reduces the risk of corruption and censorship.

Community Driven

DAOs are usually started by a community solving for a specific problem, enabling members with a shared mission to be incentivized to build toward a common goal.



From policy ideation to execution -
Boardroom helps communities to make informed decisions


Contribute to the discussion, development, and prioritization of future protocol policy


View, vote, and engage with active and completed proposals gauging community consensus


Find relevant product updates, materials, and documents to contextualize decisions


Get to know important protocol stakeholders by tracking their information and activity


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